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  • So comfortable and yet so stylish moccasins for women from our wholesale assortment!

    While the original moccasin shoe was mostly worn without a separate sole, all modern models of these variable pull-on shoes have a comfortable and solid sole which provides safe footing on long walks for tender womens feet. And there is another thing that all moccasin shoes have in common: all moccasins have a flat heel, only very few models have a small Cuban heel of up to three centimeters to make the shoe slightly more feminine. If you are a reseller, the B2B online shop at Fashionkorb.de offers you brand-new moccasins as well as a wide range of remaining stock moccasins and other low-price fashion items. Choose your favorites today and surprise your customers with top quality at the best prices!

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In the process of creating a moccasin shoe, the inserted top part of the shoe is very often sewed up with the main part of the moccasin creating a prominent puckered seam this provides the moccasins with their characteristic look. Additionally, there is often a small chain, braid or ribbon decorating the upper part of the shoe and bestowing on the ladies moccasins a distinctly elegant and feminine appearance. This look then goes along well with all business outfits as well as modern trend styles. Shop great new moccasins now at your number one wholesale trader for remaining stock and for the latest shoe fashion: Fashionkorb.de!