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  • Absolutely sexy and mega stylish Overknee Boots for women are a real must-have!

    A number of years ago, overknees were primarily worn during the cold season in order to keep the lower legs warm. Slowly however, these long ladies boots evolved into a fashionable accessory and ever since Julia Roberts great appearance in Pretty Woman are overknee boots a true must-have in every womans shoe cabinet and an important part of many stylish looks. Next to a large number of other low-priced fashion items resellers are able to shop remaining stock overknees from Fashionkorbs online shop at drastically reduced prices during off-season. Have a look for yourself and get the best bargains!

Ladies Overknees special items low-priced commercial shopping can be so easy!

Above all, overknee boots are really stylish shoes. This is why they are nowadays mostly worn above the pants, which are typically fashionable Skinny-Jeans. The upper of the shoe usually consists of smooth leather or artificial leather and any decorations of the shoe are normally reduced to a minimum, except for prominent buckles. This combination then stresses the classic character of overknee boots. A bit more extravagant are high-heeled overknees which can feature either a robust Cuban heel or a filigree stiletto heel and which provide a very feminine touch to the silhouette of the person wearing the shoe. Whatever it is that your customers desire: Fashionkorb is your wholesale trader for the latest overknee collections and for remaining stock items visit our shop today and get the best bargains!