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  • From vintage to stylish we offer you a complete range of cardigans for women.

    FASHIONKORB exactly knows what your customers desire! Due to that we have not only a huge choice of vintage and timeless cardigans in plain colours, but also outrageous trendy variety of fly cardigans. To number among tight womans cardigans with button facing and round neck in retro-style, but wide cardigans made of straight fabric as well. Fixed with only one button in shoulder height when closed the turn to a mega stylish and extra-long outfit a real eye catcher.

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Would the English Earl of Cardigan the name giver for the warming jacket have imagined about the increasing popularity and wealth of variants the Cardigan? However, he could not have expected cardigan for women becoming to a fashion highlight. If a cardigan that buttons up or simply open, if as a fancy addition to plain basics or as a twinset with a pullover of the same colour: cardigans are ideal addition for every look and should not be missing in any closet of a fashion-conscious woman. Allow your customers a great choice of up-to-the-minute cardigans and order today trendy womans cardigans from our wholesale shop at FASHIONKORB!